Margaret Junkins is Not Getting the Love #52Ancestors

Margaret Junkins Holmes

Margaret Junkins Holmes

Yeah that’s my first thought about my chosen ancestor for this week’s #52 Ancestors. I’m staying with honoring my female ancestors during March’s Women’s History Month theme and chose my 3x great grandmother Margaret Junkins (Jenkins) to write about this week.

What I know about Margaret will keep this a short post. She was born 25 October 1810 to Joseph Junkins (Jenkins) and Elizabeth Walker somewhere in Pennsylvania. She was almost 20 when she married William Holmes 2 September 1830 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. In a county biography about her husband William, I’ve found that her father was a farmer and the family moved to Ohio when she was six years old. (1)

Margaret and William were a prolific couple with nine children. My 2x great grandmother Rebecca Holmes was their second child. Now this mammoth group of people were the folks I referred to last week that caravaned from Tuscarawas County to Allen County, Ohio in the early 1860s. In fact that county biography says about William (and family), “In 1862, he was in Allen County, where he remained until 1874, when he came to this county and settled on Section 7, Liberty Township,” Hardin County, Ohio.

At the time of the biographical sketch all of Margaret’s nine children were married and had provided her with 38 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. My final tidbit is that she was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Margaret died 25 October 1898 at the age of 88 and is buried in Old Beaverdam Cemetery in Allen County Ohio.

In reviewing this information I feel bad that at max I can sum up Margaret’s life in just a few sentences. Especially since she lived in the area I live in now and a major road trip isn’t necessary to gain more info about her. Just a little research attention may provide much more. For whatever reason my genealogy research really takes off with her daughter Rebecca and the succeeding generations.

Holmes Land Liberty Township Hardin County Ohio

Holmes Land Liberty Township Hardin County Ohio

But there is hope! My genea-sister and I found where Margaret lived in Hardin County on an 1870s plat map. We searched for their land in a driving snow storm in January and found it but we decided to return when the weather was a bit better this Spring!

So this week I remember my 3x great grandmother Margaret Junkins Holmes. I hope to meet you soon in pages of records as I research more about you and your life.



(1) Biographical Sketches Liberty Twp Hardin County Ohio, Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. 1883, online, Ohio Genealogy Express, 27 March 2012


  1. Hi Cindy – You probably know, but I’ll mention, that Allen County has some great resources for genealogy. I live in Southern California, but my Berryman, Adgate, and Hover ancestors are all from around Allen County. I’ve found a lot in the old Allen County “Portrait and Biographical Record,” “History of Trumbull County, Ohio,” on websites for the Western Reserve, Ohio Genealogy Express, and for photos, Ohio Memory. I know I’m forgetting a few too.

    Good luck with your search!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate it! Berryman, Adgate and Hover are very familiar around here with streets and a park with those names! I’ve not checked out the Western Reserve for info but I will. Thanks again and I appreciate you stopping by!

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