On this Veteran’s Day . . .

Genealogy Circle LogoAlong with the rest of our nation I’d like to thank our veterans. Your service has given me the opportunity to live the best life any individual could ask for. I thank you.

I am grateful I come from a family of military heroes. My siblings are veterans and my sincere thanks on this day go to my brother-in-laws George (Army National Guard), Ron (Army), Tim (Air Force) and Don (Navy), my brother Jack (Air Force), and my sisters Betsy (Marines) and Andrea (Navy).
I also have nephews who have served and are serving. Thank you John who served in Desert Storm (Army), Jeff (Army) who is now in Afghanistan, Joe (Army) who returned safely from Afghanistan and Keith who was in Iraq (Army). You keep us safe today.
Finally, I am most proud to say both my son-in-laws are currently serving in the Navy. I know your sacrifice and cannot express in words my gratitude.

My family tree has also produced military veterans who fought to birth this nation and preserve it. I remember and honor my g-g-g-g-grandfather Abel Williams who fought in the Revolutionary War and was injured in the Battle of Brandywine. With great respect, admiration (and the one who holds a favorite ancestor place in my heart), I honor Pvt. George Washington Lowery, who fought with the 81st Pennsylvania Infantry, Co. A during the Civil War, and was injured at the Battle of Cumberland Church.

To you, my veterans, my earnest thanks.

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