Who me? . . . Participate in an Online Genealogy Group!

Genealogy Circle LogoI’m up for another round of 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog. How about you?
I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I’d come across a fabulous genealogy blog – Tonia’s Roots. Lots of great info! She has an ongoing weekly exercise – 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog that I am loving. Learning lots too!

I’m skipping around a bit and landed on Week 9 and our lesson for that week is Participating in Online Genealogy Groups. These could be forums, mailing lists, message boards, Facebook groups, etc.

Suggestions include Finding Online Groups to participate in. Well okay.

There are plenty of groups around to participate in. Some categories include:

*Groups related to being or becoming a professional genealogist. I’m interested but I think I need to get my feet under me first, but I’ll check it out and see what I come up with.
* Surname or locality groups. You know what, I know I should belong to my local genealogy group. I just haven’t gotten around to it! Duh! I just checked their website. I WILL join the first of the year!
*Genealogy software groups. Not even sure what this is!

More suggestions from Tonia are, to take a look at Ancestry’s message boards, Genforum’s forums, RootsWeb mailing lists, and GenealogyWise groups. Also search Facebook for “genealogy groups.” And don’t forget about Google – a search for “Genealogy Forums” will turn up other possibilities.

Well let me tell you I did check Genforum’s forums, subscribed and listed my g-g-grandfather all over the place, from surname to county to state. Woo-hoo! Something very new for me and hopefully (with fingers crossed) will eventually be profitable. My plan is to list an inquiry there once a week.
In fact I checked my county. I’d like to help someone else in their research if I could. Didn’t find an inquiry I could assist with but will check back weekly.

Not listed are personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. I have a Twitter, @GenealogyCircle, and Facebook, (Genealogy Circle) page. I monitor and participate in both, but not near enough, I’m sure! I will search Facebook for genealogy groups to join.

Another Action Item is to Spend 10-15 minutes participating in all the groups mentioned above. Don’t just lurk. Get in there and join the conversation! Oh wow! I will! I’m just afraid I don’t have anything worthwhile to say!

But you know what? I’m going to jump in and post!!! Do you have any other suggestions for me? I’m all ears and ready to learn! If you do give me a shout in the comments! Thanks!!!!


  1. I am about to make it to my first local genealogy meeting in a few weeks. I’ve been posting/subscribing a bit to forums but it hasn’t helped yet; I understand it may take years.

    Cindy, if you start an online group of your own, count me in!


    • Diane – You are too nice!! I can barely write a blog post let alone start an online group! 🙂 But thanks for your kind words!
      I know what you mean about taking time on the online forums. Some I read only had a couple postings a year! I could scroll through ten years of posts and hardly move the mouse.
      But you’re right, all good things take time.
      Thanks for your comment!
      ~ Cindy

  2. Good ideas, Cindy! I made a note to go to Genforum’s forums and subscribe, too. I followed Caroline’s suggestions and made an Interest List on my FB page (a list which I named “Family History”), which is essentially a group. (I don’t remember how I did it–started with a pull-down on upper right–but Caroline could tell you.) And you are on/in my Interest List, together with several other tweeps! So that is kind of a genealogy group, right there.

    Keeping up with all these peeps is very time-consuming! Also a lot of fun. But I wonder when I will get to read those genealogy books that I’ve ordered. Ah, life is uncertain! : ))

    • I know!! I have several books on my nightstand and I’m in the middle of yours! I should have finished it by now! If only I needed just three hours sleep each day . . . . .

  3. I recently found out that there are Facebook genealogy groups for just about anything, and someone (can’t think of the name right now) has done a list of over 3000 of them for the U.S. And Gail Deaver of Genealogy a la Carte did a similar list for Canada only (some are French), and I put links to those lists in my Resource pages on my blog.

    Personally, I’ve only dipped a toe into FB groups and I mostly lurk, but I learn from what others are talking about. I joined a NY state group and found out new places to find things and that some of the members are willing to do lookups.and a county group for where the Henn’s lived there. I’m about to restart on my mom’s side again so I’m thinking of joining the state groups for Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois (as I get to them) and the county groups- if they exist- for where my generations lived. I don’t want to get overwhelmed so I’m still thinking about it, but I think I will.

    • Thanks Jo for your reply! I haven’t looked very far into genealogy Facebook groups that are specific to a region. That’s really generous of members to do look-ups for other members. The genealogy community is a warm and friendly group of people for sure! I’ll need to look into this more. Thanks for your comment and good luck with your research!


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