Things On My Genealogy Bucket List

My Daughters

My Daughters

I found the greatest blog today … Tonia’s Roots. I know, I know I’m late to the party but I’m diving into it. She has tons and I mean TONS of great info and tips for a genealogy blog. I’ll add more about her blog in future posts but today I’m going with her Bucket List post.

Tonia listed her seven things she wanted to accomplish in her genealogy research before she “kicked” as she put it. So I thought it’d be fun to do the same.

Here is my Genealogy Bucket List:

1. The zenith in my genealogy research would be finding a photo of my g-g-grandfather George Washington Lowery. As you may know he was a private with the 81st Penn Inf in the Civil War. He is an enigma to me. My info on him is skeletal at best. If I were to somehow find a copy of his photo I’d be ecstatic. In his uniform I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven! (Sort of a pun on a Bucket List huh?)

2. I’d love to be able to publish all my genealogy information in a manner that my daughters would one day read. Whether that’s in print or electronically, doesn’t matter. They are 29 and 30 years old and have absolutely no interest in family history what-so-ever. I understand that but I’d love one day for them to read about the people in whose footsteps they follow.

3. It would be fabulous if I could travel to Moir, France in search of my great-grandmother Josephine Guellbert’s family. Her heritage is the gaping hole in my ancestry chart. I blogged about that here.

4. Overall my research has only four generations completed. I have a few five generation holes and beyond that it gets really spotty. My goal would be to go back eight to ten generations and have them all completed.

5. I’d like to have a fabulous genealogy blog! One that provides researchers with really great info and tips, along with interesting tid bits. It would be a place where my charts are complete and easily accessible to others searching my surnames. Have a side bar where photos and mementos found at auctions and garage sales could be reunited with family members who would treasure them.

That’s just today’s list. By tomorrow I’ll have ten more!!!


  1. Great list, Cindy! I have Lowery’s btw, but mine are in Tennessee.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    • Tonia,
      For just one second my heart stopped when you mentioned Lowery’s! 🙂 Mine are PA, OH and MI people. Darn! But thanks for the comment!

  2. Cindy, I share many of your feelings and aspirations, and it was a pleasure to read your post. Especially point #2, when you mention your daughters! I’m absolutely sure that as time passes, they will be so grateful to you for the research you are doing now, and the information they will find waiting for them. It seems almost a law of nature that people “grow into” genealogy. You are assembling a wonderful gift for their futures. Thank you for this post!

    • Thank you Mariann for your lovely comment. I agree with you, “It seems almost a law of nature that people “grow into” genealogy.” I so hope it happens with my girls!

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